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Our Goal:

At JD Barbershop we have safety in mind during these unprecedented times. Our goal is to not only protect our clients however our staff as well.


When You Arrive:

We sanitize our hands while wearing a mask prior to greeting you at the door. We ask all clients to remain at the door behind the red lines on the floor until you have had the chance to put a mask on and sanitize your hands.

If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you.

Contact tracing is then completed at the door for the health unit. "Name & Phone Number"

Your Hair Cut:

You will be escorted to one of the chairs while maintaining a safe distance from our other clients. Prior to your haircut, our staff will sanitize all tools, chair and other equipment as well as their own hands. Only once this process is completed will we proceed with your haircut.

It is the law at this time to not trim beards, moustaches, and eyebrows. 

Staff will sanitize hands prior and after accepting payment as well we do accept debit. Both debit and cash is sanitized routinely to insure safety. 

Entrance door is sanitized every half hour.


Other Measures:

  • Every client receives a clean cape along with a new sanek strip for around the neck.
  • Lysol is used to sanitize barber chair, clippers, and trimmers after each use.
  • Clipper blades are cleaned and sprayed with clippercide disinfectant after each use.
  • Combs, clippers, and scissors are disinfected with barbercide after each use.
  • We no longer have fabric furniture in the building so that we can disinfect all furniture. 
  • Face shields are provided to each staff member for added safety.

If you have any questions regarding our operations for your safety please feel free to reach out to our team so that you can feel reassured and safe during your haircut.